Headstone Styles

Headstones & Memorial Pieces can be hard to choose during this difficult time.
We are here to help you to select an appropriate, well crafted headstone or memorial piece that reflects the person you are commemorating. Quality craftsmanship & the best materials ensure a fitting & durable memorial or headstone.

When we meet, the first thing we will ask is where the headstone or plaque is to be installed. For all public cemeteries there are size and shape restrictions depending on where you are installing.

From there, we can give you options and make recommendations.


Full Covers

Depending on the plot that has been chosen, a grave may be covered in grass, concrete and plaster, or granite. A grave that is covered in either concrete or granite is termed a "full cover". View Gallery

Double and Companion Memorials

When you come to your design, you can choose a single headstone (For one person) or a companion headstone (for two). View Gallery

Children's Memorials

The process of arranging a memorial for a loved one can be very emotional for families, and none more so than for Children and Teenagers. We guide you through the steps involved, making the process as comforting as possible, helping you create a memorial that you will love for your child. View Gallery

Temple Memorials

Temple memorials are generally larger that other styles of Headstones, and are so named because they are designed to look like a small temple with a "roof" header and often pillars on the side. View Gallery

Natural Stone

Natural Stone headstones are hard, durable naturally weathered rock. They are used either in their natural state with a small recess cut to fit a plaque (bronze or granite) or a ceramic panel, or with one face cut and polished with with words incised/embossed directly into the stone. View Gallery

Modern and Contemporary Headstones

Modern gravestones and memorial plaques reflect contempory design, utilizing simple clean lines and curves. Using a modern typeface also reflects contempory styling, as opposed to traditional gravestones that have a more classic design style through the ages. View Gallery

Custom Headstones

Thanks to modern stone-cutting techniques, it’s now possible to create unique headstones that really express a loved one’s personality, reflecting their lifelong passions even after they’ve passed on.  View Gallery

Low Rise (Desks / Recumbents)

Low rise memorials, often called Recumbent Desks, are a simple piece of granite designed to show the inscription at an angle. There are still many options in the size, shape and colour.  View Gallery

Classic Upright / Traditional

Upright monument headstones are plate style gravestones that sit on a granite base, and are set on a foundation. They can vary greatly in shape and size, limited only by a specific cemeteries set of cemetery regulations. View Gallery

Cremation Plaques

Most cemeteries have any area to install a plaque remembering your loved one who has been cremated, no matter where the ashes have been spread. View Gallery