All headstones in the modern Lawn Cemeteries stand on a base which in turn stands on the concrete berm provided by the local authority.

The size of the base is usually dictated by the local council or cemetery authorities. These vary considerably from cemetery to cemetery and we can advise you of these requirements.

Most bases are made either of white plastered concrete or granite. More and more clients are choosing a matching granite base (same material and colour as headstone) but there is a large range of options available in which the colour and parts relating to the headstone can be mixed and matched.

New colours of granite are now available and are being used for headstones as well as bases. Bases usually incorporate vases for flowers. There are choices now of the colour of vases.

The correct location of plots, payment of permit fees and associated regulations are all dealt with by us.

White and Black Granite used together can be striking
Africa Grey Africa Grey
Balmoral Red Balmoral Red
Black Galaxy Black Galaxy
Black Granite Black Granite
Blue Pearl Blue Pearl
Butterfly Blue Butterfly Blue
Cararra Marble Cararra Marble
Cats Eye Cats Eye
China Red China Red
Crystal White Crystal White
Emerald Pearl Emerald Pearl
Forest Green Forest Green
Paradiso Granite Paradiso Granite
Ruby Red Ruby Red
Sea Gray Sea Gray
Shell Grey Shell Grey
Surf Grey (Actually more white than Grey) Surf Grey (Actually more white than Grey)
Tan Brown Tan Brown
Tropical Green Tropical Green
Bahana Blue Bahana Blue