Photos of your loved one are a popular choice to include on your headstone.

Ceramic Photographs

Ceramic photographs are produced using a good clear studio portrait, snapshot, passport photo in either black and white or colour.

With a good original, a ceramic photograph can be made to any size through reduction or enlargement.

Photo ceramics are specifically designed to withstand the elements and are fired in a kiln at over 900 degrees. The firing process ensures that the colour will not fade and the finish will not deteriorate.


Etched Photographs

Laser photo etching is a permanent way of preserving an image/photo onto granite. Laser photo etching can be used for portraits, photos and background images - often with lettering over the top.

Our high-quality laser accurately etches within the surface of the natural stone with unbelievable detail and accuracy.
By simply providing us with your (high quality) photograph that you wish to have engraved, we will accurately reproduce it by laser. We can also work with images such as loved hobbies or scenery - talk to us about what you would like to represent and we can advise you. 

Laser photo etching can be done on a variety of dark granites, but the best results are obtained when using black.