Natural Stone

Natural Stone headstones are hard, durable naturally weathered rock. They are used either in their natural state with a small recess cut to fit a plaque (bronze or granite) or a ceramic panel, or with one face cut and polished with with words incised/embossed directly into the stone.

Many customers ask if we can use a river rock or stone from a special location for a headstone. The answer to this is often yes, but it will need to fit the criteria. Memorials need to be solid stone that will endure and not fracture under stress, has to be of the right shape and height to carry a suitable plaque, and needs to also fit into the dimensions specified by council bylaws. 

If you do have rock that you wish to use, please note that we will need to see it, and see it it will be suitable, before we provide a quote. 

Prices start at $2,500