Classic Upright / Traditional

Upright monument headstones are a traditional design. We use this term to describe all plate style gravestones that sit on a granite base, set on a foundation. They can vary greatly in shape and size, limited only by specific cemetery regulations.

Upright headstones may feature the information for an individual (single upright headstone) or two individuals (companion upright headstone).

Inscriptions are carved into the plate, and then painted a contrasting colour. 

The plate (also sometimes called a desk or a die) for a traditional upright headstone is vertical in the front and back. The most popular top is the saddle/camber top but other popular top finishes include: rooftop, oval top, flat top and corner rounds.

Our headstones are usually made of granite, with a large selection of size, shape and colour. We also work in marble, although this is a less popular option these days as it has a higher cost.

As well as an inscription, we can engrave or sandblast images and symbols onto the headstone.  Popular choices include portraits flowers, korus, religious symbols, emblems, flags, and portraits.

Other names that may be used are: upright monument, upright tombstone, upright gravestone, upright marker

Priced from $2,500
Low Saddle shape, Sea Grey granite, single vase