Memorial Restoration and Cleaning

In cases where memorials have deteriorated over time, or suffered from vandalism, we offer a full restoration and cleaning service.

Our professional tradesmen can rebuild existing stonework and bring it back to its original state. They can also restore the finish of a memorial by providing treatment to remove moss, lichen and other elementss infecting the stonework.

We are one of only a few companies in within New Zealand who have the expertise to repair and restore lead lettering, a type of lettering mainly used in older memorials.

Slide the arrows to see the difference after restoration

Cleaning & Repaints

To simply keep headstones looking well presented and tidy we offer a repainting and cleaning service which brings the lettering back to new. We start by cleaning the headstone and base to remove lichen and dirt that has built up, then we remove of any remaining paint from lettering, and finally we repaint or gild the memorial. This is done onsite, and is weather dependant. 

We can also clean the concrete and plaster bases with gentle water cleaning and spraying with slow release cleaners. This can also be done to historic grave sites in accordance with council guidelines for looking after headstones in historic cemeteries.

Additional Inscriptions

Sometimes space is left on a headstone or plaque for the surviving spouse or partner. We are able to complete a new inscription when the time comes – If possible we will complete the work on site but sometimes we may need to temporarily remove the stone.

Cleaning and repainting the existing inscription is a part of this service.